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Rockwood Parks and Recreation

The mission of the City of Rockwood Parks and Recreation Department is to develop, operate, and maintain parks and recreation facilities, as well as administer recreational, cultural, and social programs and events to enhance the quality of life for the citizens and guests of Rockwood.

It is my privelege and honor to be serving the community of Rockwood as Parks and Recreation Director. I believe it is an incredible opportunity to serve and impact the lives of our upcoming generation. It is my hope that you or your child will have a positive experience while enjoy our different parks. It is my belief that God put us on this earth to serve others and that is what I hope to do as Parks and Recreation Director. God Bless.

Chase Clem, Parks and Recreation Director


Cell Phone: 865-805-2103

Office Phone: 865-354-0611

Facebook: Parks and Recreation Facebook Page

Rockwood Parks and Recreation operates four specialized sports/recreation facilities for use by the citizens of Rockwood and those who visit here. The Brillo Miller Sports Complex is a state of the art complex consisting of five baseball/softball fields and one soccer field. While visiting our sports park, we ask that in order to maintain our facilities, you please observe the following:

PARK RULES: Rockwood Parks and Recreation has the following rules for facilities that are expected to be followed by all users of facilities. Violators will be asked to leave the premises and/or prosecuted.

• Please park in designated parking spots only. Please respect the "no parking" signs throughout the complex. Failure to do so could result in a ticket.

• Smoking is allowed only in designated areas beyond the dugouts. There is to be no smoking in the bleacher areas.

• Help us keep our park clean by not littering and notifying a park and recreation employee when a trash can is full.

• Parking inside complex facilities is for authorized personnel only (umpires, employees, tournament directors).

• No alcoholic beverages.

• No pets inside the park during games.

• No outside coolers.

• No outside food or beverage.

• Profanity WILL NOT be tolerated.

• No soft toss into fences (wiffle balls allowed).

• No knives, firearms, or explosives (unless authorized by permit by law, Rockwood, or Roane County).

I sincerely hope that you enjoy your time at Brillo Miller Sports Complex. It is an honor to have you as our guest.

God Bless, Chase Clem

Rockwood Parks and Recreation Request for Proposal and Model Fixed-price Contract for Removal and Installation of New Gym Floor at the Douglas Wilson Community Center

Notice of Request for Proposals

City of Rockwood, Parks and Recreation
RFP: 09-2018-01

Notice is hereby given that the Governing Board of the City of Rockwood is requesting proposals for a company complete the following: 1) Remove and dispose of existing floor (approx. 5,000 sq. ft.) 2) Install new gym floor system, 3) Sand and seal new floor, painting volleyball and basketball court, 4) Install vent cove base and thresholds, 5) Install 2 volleyball sleeves into the concrete, 6) floor logos (optional) at the Douglas Wilson Community Center in Rockwood, Tennessee.

Respondents should not construe from this legal notice that the City of Rockwood intends to enter into a fixed-price contract with the Respondent unless, in the opinion of the City of Rockwood, it is in the best interest of the City of Rockwood to do so. The City of Rockwood reserves the right to negotiate final contractual terms with the successful Respondent.

The Request for Proposal (RFP) documents are available by
City of Rockwood Web site at

To request the RFP documents by e-mail, postal mail, or fax, please call 865-354-0611 ext 821 or contact Chase Clem:
110 N Chamberlain Ave, Rockwood, TN 37854
Fax: 865-354-0348

The City of Rockwood will record and provide answers to any questions or requests for clarifying information about the RFP during the question and answer period.

The City of Rockwood encourages all Respondents to visit the Douglas Wilson Community Center before submitting you bid. Appointments can be made by contacting Chase Clem at 865-805-2103 or

Respondents must submit written proposals in a sealed package labeled
“Proposal – Gym Floor Community Center 09-2018-01
Addressed to the City of Rockwood at 110 N Chamberlain Ave, Rockwood, TN 37854
Attn: Chase Clem/Becky Ruppe

The City of Rockwood will accept all proposals received on or before September 21, 2018 at 12 Noon. The City of Rockwood will not accept proposals that are received after the deadline. The City of Rockwood will open proposals on September 21, 2018 at the regularly scheduled council meeting at Rockwood Electric located at 341 Rockwood Street. Rockwood, TN. 37854.

The City of Rockwood reserves the right to reject any or all proposals, and to waive any errors or corrections in a proposal or in the proposal process. The City of Rockwood will award the contract based on a review and analysis of the proposals that determines which proposal best meets the needs of the City of Rockwood. Following the review and analysis of all responsive proposals, the City of Rockwood will make a recommendation to their City Council at its regularly scheduled meeting.

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